Vaccine Benefits

Benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks


Vaccinations are the cornerstone of preventive health and can protect people and their pets for life from illnesses or death. Vaccination is one of the best ways to prepare dogs’ and cats’ immune systems to stop diseases, and for the vast majority of pets, the benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks.


Even though the benefits of vaccination are obvious to anyone in the health care industry, they may not be so obvious to pet owners. We all need to be reminded that vaccine-preventable diseases are still common and why for the vast majority of patients it is safer to vaccinate than risk disease. It’s easy to forget the benefits vaccinations have had in controlling human and animal vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. The dynamic duo of clean water and preventive medicine (including vaccination) has prevented sickness and death in millions of people and animals worldwide.

The influence of misinformation
about vaccinations.



The World Health Organization has made worldwide access to clean, safe water one of its eight goals to achieve by 2015.


Smallpox is the only vaccine-preventable disease in people that has been declared by the World Health Organization to be eradicated worldwide.