Vaccine Importance

Vaccines are the cornerstone of preventive medicine

Vaccines are one of the greatest successes of medical science and have led to a steady decline in cases of vaccine-preventable diseases in millions of people and their pets. Understanding the importance of vaccines and the role they play in preventing diseases can help you Be Vaccine Smart. As no single feline or canine disease is completely eradicated, all are all still potentially dangerous to unvaccinated pets.

Today, vaccines are under scrutiny in the very countries that have most benefited from them, and decades of vaccine success have been overshadowed by a decade of vaccine controversy fueled by misinformation. It is almost as if vaccines for humans and pets have become victims of their own success.

Vaccines are the most important tool in preventing disease since clean water

Today, most of us don't remember a time when diseases were spread through contaminated water, and most of us don't remember a time before vaccines helped prevent devastating diseases.

In fact, most of us take for granted these innovations in our lives. That's why it's important to be reminded that vaccinations are still unavailable to some of the world's population and that the diseases they help prevent are still out there. High vaccination rates in the United States, Canada and Europe have led to a steady decline in vaccine-preventable diseases and public confidence in vaccines has remained high for decades.

Along with information about the history and success of vaccines, this website contains timely information on current vaccine perceptions, the importance of pet wellness exams and tips on how to talk about vaccinating pets.

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The prevalence of dog and cat diseases in shelters.


Vaccination is the cornerstone of disease prevention.


World Small Animal Veterinary Association 2007

“One of the greatest successes of modern veterinary science has been the control of infectious disease through the development and implementation of vaccination programs.”